We are Energise

We are a creative community that thrive on excelent online advertising

Energise is the leading organisation for creative projects and innovative people. Hundreds of businesses around the world choose our studio and digital marketing services to get more leads, convert more customers, or work with us on digital projects, build websites, integrated campaigns, video advertisments, app development, graphical re-brands and so much more.


Energise is a collective of creative individuals that come together to create outstanding and effective video advertising. From small jobs to large projects, services include online advertising, in-stream YouTube advertisments, video landing pages, video sales letters, greenscreen videos

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Energise Design

For cutting edge design, savvy business owners choose Energise. Whether its Logo design, printed media from business cards to outoor banners, a digital outdoor display solution or even a vehicle wrap, Energise Design will take you through the process from soup to nuts.

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Digital Services

The Digital Services arm focuses on the ever changing world of digital advertising and content creation. Through their affordable and scalable marketing packages you can be assured that your message is put infront of your prospects and that your customers find you when & where they are looking to place an order.

Scratch Voice

Finding the right voice talent for your comercial can be a challenge. Thats why many voice artists came together to form Scratch Voice. Originally formed to meet the demands of "scratch" or roughed out voice overs for testing multi-million pound broadcast television commercials, Scratch Voice artists ended up being featured on a number of digital executions with fantastic results.

Echo Music Licensing

Independant music licensing is fast becoming the preferred method of brands finding and pairing with emerging talent to explode the success of both the advertising campaign and the artist. Whether you're a seasoned Ad Agency creative looking for a fresh sound for your new TVC or looking for original music for your YouTube campaign, Echo Music Licensing has got you covered.

The Team at Energise

Energise is proudly based in Northampton, UK, but many of our people are based up and down the country and even all over the world.
  1. We belive that inspiration and fantastic ideas can come from anywhere.
  2. And that just because an idea isn't easy to impliment, doesn't mean it shouldn't have the chance to grow.
  3. We belive in investing in happy people and cultivating genuine passion.
  4. We belive in building great startups into great brands.